Since the dawn of civilisation, human beings have been obsessed about looking beautiful. The beauty and methods used by Egyptian queen Cleopatra to look enchanting are all part of folklore. It is thus no wonder that there are numerous websites and blog sites dealing with the niche of “cosmetics”.

We at are one of them but with a difference. Our site is not like a glossy glamour magazines that deals only with the best of cosmetics and the latest introductions from famous manufacturers from around the world. We cover various aspects of cosmetics some of which are known and others not so well known by the common person.

Here is a snapshot of our site that will clarify what our site is really all about even though our niche of cosmetics is as common as it can possibly get.

We have blogs that go into the origin of cosmetics and how they have evolved down the ages – from goat milk baths of yesteryears to the latest chemicals laced cosmetics. Our blogs extensively cover herbal cosmetics and how they are good for women of all skin tone and texture. In fact few know that the oil extract of Aloe Vera plant used extensively in herbal cosmetics contains Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin fresh and glowing.

Some of our blogs also have details of homemade remedies for beauty care and tips to make products from items of everyday use at home. Additionally, we provide a feast of news, information and updates from the world of beauty care and cosmetics.

Our team of bloggers are all experts in the field of cosmetology and have held various crucial positions in this industry. Hence our blogs are credible and authentic and all content can be fully relied on.

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