Herbal Cosmetics

Cosmetics have been around since the dawn of civilisation and the urge to look beautiful has always been an inherent of the mental setup of the common person. Cosmetics down the ages have been herbal products and along with the aesthetics part, they have been a cure for various skin ailments and blemishes.

Today, herbs based cosmetics are the ones that have herbs in them either in crude or extract form. Herbs do not produce instant cures for skin blemishes but modern trials have proved that they are definitely more skin friendly than those available easily off super market shelves which are laced with harmful and abrasive chemicals.

What then are some of the benefits of herbal cosmetics over synthetic ones that have chemicals in them?

Natural products

The name herbal cosmetics suggest that it is a natural product, free of harmful and toxic chemicals that may adversely affect the skin from continuous use. Herbal cosmetics are made from plant parts and plant extracts such as Aloe Vera, the oil of which has liberal doses of Vitamin E that keeps the skin soft and glowing. Coconut oil is a widely used base for herbal cosmetics.

Suits all skin types

Herbal cosmetics are good for all skin types. Regardless of the tone or texture of the skin, dark or fair, there are herbs based cosmetics that are ideal for all. Women with oily or sensitive skin can also use herbal cosmetics. There is a wide range to meet all needs – foundation, moisturiser, eye shadow, lipstick and face and body powder. Most importantly all colours too are derived from natural products and not synthetic ones.

Not tested on animals

This might not be directly linked to aesthetics but concerns issues and ethics that one should be very particular about. Some cosmetics are tested on animals to ensure suitability on human beings but herbal cosmetics are fully analysed in laboratories only.

These are some of the benefits of herbal cosmetics over the usual chemical based ones.